The Village Green Lodge has been "green" certified since Spring 2010. Although the Village Green Lodge has always worked to be environmentally friendly, we are now documenting our green activities as a Travel Green Wisconsin business by the Wisconsin Environmental Initiative. Below is a listing of some of the requirements for this certification by category that the Village Green Lodge has fulfilled or is currently planning. This will be an ongoing effort, with new practices implemented each year.

Communication and Education

The Village Green Lodge provides training and educational opportunities to engage employees in helping to create and maintain participation in the Travel Green Wisconsin program. We also hold regular staff meetings to help enhance these efforts.

Waste Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling

We have a recycling program that makes it easy for staff members and guests to participate in helping to decrease what we are sending to the landfill. Items that require specific disposal (such as fluorescent bulbs and hazardous waste) are properly handled at the end of their useful lives. The Village Green Lodge has a composting program in place for yard waste and is planning to create a composting program for food waste. We serve our full homemade breakfast with reusable dishware, glassware and silverware. Leftovers are graciously accepted throughout the Village.

Energy Efficiency, Conservation, and Management

The Village Green Lodge has and continues to use compact fluorescent light bulbs. We also have operable windows in all of rooms, which are opened whenever possible to reduce the running of air conditioners/heaters and encourage guests to maintain this practice.

Water Conservation and Wastewater Management

We have installed low-flow fixtures in all of our guest rooms to conserve water. The Village Green Lodge also keeps a regular maintenance schedule for water-using appliances (such as faucets, toilets, ice machine, hot water heater, etc.) to help ensure maximum efficiency. We encourage our guests to use towels repeatedly, although we change them upon request, and change the sheets every 3-4 days or as needed to reduce the amount of wastewater.

Air Quality

The Village Green Lodge prohibits smoking inside all of our buildings and needn’t use deodorizers to mask smells. High moisture areas are well ventilated (such as kitchen, bathrooms, etc.) and the HVAC system checked annually to help prevent mold and bacteria. Our exhaust fans vent outside and HEPA filters are used in our vacuums.

Wildlife and Landscape Conservation and Management

Our landscape is filled with native plants and animals, which we provide nourishment and protection to year-round. We securely store food and trash so that animals are unable to accidentally retrieve and consume it. We also offer publications on species native to Door County as well as provide field guides and self-tour information to our guests. The Village Green Lodge makes annual contributions to organizations that help conserve and preserve natural resources and habitat; we are members of Door County Land Trust and Ridges Sanctuary.


Some of our staff members have implemented a carpool. The Village Green Lodge encourages walking and bicycling, when possible, by encouraging guests to visit shops and restaurants in the Village of Ephraim. We have a bike rack for guests’ bicycle storage while staying with us.


We are committed to socially responsible practices by ensuring that neither our business nor vendors are exploitative or discriminative. We use local food products, whenever possible, for our homemade breakfasts and teatime treats.

Local Community Benefits

We promote other local businesses by providing their literature, information and displaying products to our guests. We also offer crafts, products and services for sale at the Village Green Lodge. We contribute to the community’s well-being by supporting and participating in many community events. We not only make donations but we also offer our time and facility to community events. The Village Green Lodge is a member of the Door County Visitor Bureau, Ephraim Business Council, Ephraim Historical Foundation and Professional Association Innkeepers International.

The Village Green Lodge is committed to help sustain the environment and integrity of the Door County community. We look forward to continuing and adding to these achievements. If you have any questions, comments or ideas to help us achieve our "green" goals, please feel free to stay with or contact us at any time!